A's capture 2013 Home Derby: A's rep (center) captured the 2013 HR Derby held at Roberto Clement on July 31, 2013. RBi will be hosting its 2013 All-Star game at Roberto Clemente on Wednesday, August 7th at 7:30pm.
Mariners start 2013 season 2-0: Mariners hold on to a 7-4 victory as the Rays come up short on opening day. Could this be the year that the Mariners make a Championship run?.
Green Machine look to right ship in 2013: Green Machine blasts their way to an opening day win in 2013 with a 2 run HR blast by the veteran Juan Vega 7-5. Green Machine will lean on several returning core players from the 2004 Championship seaon.
Warriors vs. Hurricanes Opening Day: Warriors open the 2013 RBi season against the 2012 La Milagrosa League Division leaders Hurricanes. The Warriors will seek to improve upon previous seasons, but face a formidable task against league veteran Richie Cotto and his career +300 k's as the Hurricanes enter their 9th season in RBi.
2012 RBi Champs Bucaneros Defend Title: After just their third season in RBi and after posting their best record (11-9) in 2012, the Bucaneros clinched their first title in RBi and ended the 3-year reign of the Yankees. The Bucaneros look to begin their title defense as the return to RBi.
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Central Park - North Meadow #5
Fordham University - Coffey Field
Whitey Ford Field - Hellgate
Roberto Clemente
St. Mary's

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